you need to apply to the Egyptian Embassy or Consulate for a pre-entry
tourist visa but if you are from European union, Australia, New Zealand,
Korea, Norway, Japan, Russian Federatio, Ukraine, United Kingdom,
Macedonia, Canada, united states, Serbia, Croatia, Georgia you can get your
tourist visa upon arrival in Egypt.

Yes, if you left Egypt to visit another country you will need another visa.

If the tourist doesn’t hold a residency permit so he should apply for a visa
from the Egyptian embassy in the country that issued his passport.

Tourist visa is required to visit other cities in Egypt because the visa for
Sinai allows the tourists to visit Sinai Peninsula only.

Yes you can do but you need to obtain an extension from the Mogamma
building in the Tahrir Complex or the equivalent governmental offices in
another city outside Cairo.


It’s very safe to visit Egypt, the Egyptian government is very strict in the
issue of tourists’ safety as you find tourist police everywhere, providing you
a feeling of secure, and the Egyptian government doesn’t give any
permissions for the tourist trips until it makes sure everything is safe for


The reservation will be confirmed once we receive a deposit of an amount of
20% of the total price of your program. The payment of the deposit can be
sent by different methods: Western Union, direct bank transfer.

You can contact us to receive your reservation via email, telephone, or live
online chat. You can also submit a reservation request form on our site and
you will receive a detailed itinerary from our representatives including all
necessary information and plans for your trip.


Sure you can do, banks and exchange offices which you can use for that are
everywhere. There are also many touristic shops and restaurants accept
Dollars or Euros and give you rates of your currency to the Egyptian pound
are relatively close to the official ones.

Yes you can use them as large numbers of places accept them such as hotels,
touristic shops, restaurants, and café shops, so they are widely used in Egypt.
Visa, Master Card, and American Express the most common types of credit
cards are used in Egypt


You can do, but after you ask permission of people, especially women,
products and shops. Photography is also prohibited in many places such as
around army bases, dams, and airports, but you will find signs to notify you
that photography is prohibited in the most of these places.

Yes it is allowed to take photos in the most of the touristic places in Egypt,
but some of them require paying extra charges for using your camera


Yes, men and women should take their shoes off before entering mosques,
women will be asked to cover their hair, their arms and legs.

Tourists are welcomed in almost all historical mosques in Egypt, expect
when these mosques are being used for prayer, on Friday and during the five
prayers of the day.

Same of the historical mosques. Tourists are welcomed in most of the
historical churches, except during Lent, and the modest dress is also
recommended while visiting churches in Egypt.


Most of these sites and museums open from 9 AM until 5 PM. But these
hours will be changed During Ramadan.

Most of the stores are open from 10 AM to 11 PM, but in cities like Cairo,
Hurghada, Sharm El Sheikh, Luxor, and Alexandria you can find many
stores, restaurants and coffee shops stay open much later and even open 24
hours a day especially in touristic places


All inclusive means all meals and drinks are included in the program
Full board means breakfast, lunch and dinner are included in the program
Half board means breakfast and dinner are included in the program


Tipping is considered customary in Egypt because many people depend on
tips as a main part of their income due to the low salaries of their jobs.

No one oblige you to give tips or give exact amount of it. The amount of
tipping is different depends on the service and how you think your
experience was worth, but an amount of 5 to 10% tip directly to the waiter in
a restaurant will be good. Also, if you like you can give tips on other
services like carrying luggage, parking a car.
The same with your tour guide and the driver. Tipping is completely
optional but should be considered if you’re provided with great service. If
you decide to tip feel free to give what you think your experience was worth.


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